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Emma Hynnä Femmma Creative

About femmma

I am Emma Hynnä, the Finnish-French creative behind femmma "with three m's". I'm a nomadic graphic designer, content creator and illustrator. Creative at heart, expert in marketing, passionate about mixing both skills.

Getting to where I am now has been a journey full of exciting experiences and learning. After graduating The University of the Arts of Helsinki as a Master of Music, including an amazing semester at Griffith University in Australia, I worked my way through three various marketing positions at Warner Music Finland, leading record label in Finland. During my five years there I had the privilege of working promo visits, events, album launches and general marketing and promotion with established and rising acts, both domestically and internationally (Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Ava Max, Michael Bublé, Slipknot, ALMA etc.). 

Working in this fast moving artistic environment made me realise how much I yearn to create and made me start my own company. Do you need a social media strategy for a start up launch? A restaurant's logo and branding? TikTok content? A festival poster? Hit me up, I got you.


Emma Hynnä Femmma Creative
Emma Hynnä Femmma Creative
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